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Mouy is a very sweet girl. Although she has physical disabilities, she’s learned to be quite independent and can take care of herself in many ways. She even helps to take care of the other children who live at Camillian Home. For example, after school finishes she will switch into her electric wheelchair and pull her friend Bell along when Bell’s arms are tired. Mouy is very creative and loves using her hands to make things, including beautiful scarves and headbands to sell in our ‘A Little Something’ boutique shop. Recently Dr Jimmy spent some time at the Home and re-evaluated Mouy’s condition. We are now confident that she will be able to walk in the near future. Mouy is also happy to know this and has expressed her desire to be able to walk. Mouy’s dream for the future is to become an art teacher. Her paintings are lovely and we will continue to encourage her to create more works of art.

Photo credit: Miki Giles

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