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Your help is invaluable. It allows us to house our children, feed them and send them to school

It buys life-saving and specialist care. Thanks to you, the children we support are given a real chance in life.

Your kind donations are gratefully appreciated and are never too small.

Donate money

Method 1:

We paired up with TMB Punboon program to make donation much safer and easier for you. By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to another website to complete your transaction.

Method 2:

Payment by bank transfer
For bnak transfer please pay into the account name : Camillus Foundation of Thailand
Kasikorn Bank PLC Account Number 036-2-51161-7 (KASITHBK)
For doners who wants to donate through bank transfer or e-banking. A QR code will pop up once you click the button below.

Donate goods

Method 1:

Camillian Home is open everyday. Please click the link below to view the list of items that we are currently needing. You can physically bring these items to donate at our location. If traveling here is a problem, please consider method 2.

Method 2:

Below are links to online stores where you can choose to donate different goods and send to us remotely. Please use the address that we provide below the website.

Donation Form
We want to give back and acknowledge all doners by featuring them on our website. Please kindly fill out this form, if you've made a donation.
Please list the items that you donate above only if you're donating goods.