About Us

Who We Are

Camillian Home is a registered non-profit children’s charity operating on behalf of the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand. The Home was founded by Father Giovanni Contarin, an Italian Priest who has done extensive work for the poor in Thailand since 1987. We work with children who are living with disabilities, some of whom have been orphaned or abandoned, and some of whom are also living with HIV/AIDS. Managed by the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand, children are brought up and taught values based on their own beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is free to express and follow their faith, whatever it may be.

Situated in Lat Krabang in the outskirts of Bangkok, the Camillian Home is a unique facility designed to allow each child to receive specialized care and treatment in an environment that encourages and develops the capability of each child, regardless of the severity of their condition. The children are stimulated mentally and physically thanks to a full-time staff of teachers, caretakers, physical therapists and a resident nurse. Therefore, even an eleven year-old girl who is blind, autistic, wheelchair-bound and orphaned is now living a life in which she smiles and laughs every day.
Camillian Home is one of the few facilities in Thailand dedicated to caring for these children in a family atmosphere, and it aims to serve as a model in caring for vulnerable children with special needs. Significant work is also being carried out for people living with disabilities in the community. People living with disabilities and their families often face embarrassment, discrimination and misconception from the general public. As part of an integrated approach, our medical and social workers support people living with disabilities in the local community by providing medical care, adaptive equipment, training and establishing long term personal relationships.