Camillian Home
For Children Living with Disabilities

EST. 1994

What We Provide

Camillian Home is one of the few facilities in Thailand dedicated o caring for these children in a family atmosphere, and it aims to serve as a model in caring for vulnerable children with special needs. Significant work is also being carried out from people living with disabilities in the community.

Medical Care

Camillian Home Latkrabang is fully equipped with all the necessary medical equipment with standby nurses in the facility to ensure the well-being of every children.

Adaptive Equipment

Our buildings are fully equipped with adaptive equipment to aid children in completing activities of daily living.


We provide specific training and education to every children, suffering from any kinds of disabilities. 

Family-like Atmosphere

Most important of all, we provide children living with disabilities the experience of a family.

Our numbers that speak

Camillian Home Thailand was established in 1994; we are in our 27th year of operation. Since the start, we helped over 2,400 children. In 2021, we have 28 residents and 36 children coming in for daycare. For more details, please see 2020 annual report.
Children Helped