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Donate Your Birthday: Instead of receiving birthday presents, you can collect cash or donation items from your friends and family for the children of Camillian Home. For donation items, you may use this list as a guideline.

Donate Your Skills: Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with work or we may not even have the specific skills to do certain things – that’s when we need your help! For example, graphic designers can create art work to help promote our campaigns.

Make A Video: If you have a digital camera that can make videos, you can help spread the word about Camillian Home by uploading videos on youtube and other social media platforms. Please coordinate with us if you would like to film at the home.

Promote Our Banner: You may add our banner to your email signature with a link to our website. You can mention that you are raising awareness and/or fundraising for us. When someone clicks on your banner, they’re taken to our website which helps people get to know us and get involved too.

Students/Schools: Choose Camillian Home as your school’s charity of choice and/or sponsor a child. Students can also help out by doing diaper collections when we are low in supplies or by coming over to volunteer and get CSR credit!

Organize a Fund Raiser: While this may seem intimidating, you will realize how easy it actually is to organize a fund raising event among your friends. Make use of a hobby or group that you are already involved with and get everyone to pitch in! Eg. If you are a work out fanatic, invite everyone for an intense fitness session where entrance fee is a donation to Camillian Home.

Corporate CSR: As a company, you can choose Camillian Home as your charity of choice so that all your CSR initiatives can benefit children living with disabilities. You may also choose to sponsor a child. We would appreciate if you and your colleagues could come visit the home and have lunch with our kids too!

Donation Box: Place our donation box at your restaurant, school, shop, or business where there is plenty of traffic. It’s a quick and easy way for people to help Camillian Home and also helps raise awareness of what we do for children living with disabilities in Thailand.

Sponsor/Attend our Events: Camillian Home organizes several events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness for children living with disabilities. We see these events as a great way for people to get to know us better. From ritzy charity gala dinners to all-day fun fairs, there’s something for everyone to participate in.