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“The children see us as a familiar figure, almost like family, that takes interest in them, their lives and activities. As a group, the volunteers are there to support them, give them love and to lend an ear.” – Alain Brioude

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Internet and Smartphone Usage

  • No smart phones permitted during working hours
  • Children are not allowed to use smart phones/i-pads of volunteers at anytime
  • No Internet usage during working hours unless work related
  • Volunteers are not permitted to use the computers in the office.

Dress Code

  • No tank tops, shorts must not be more than 4 inches above the knee.
  • No flip flops or open sandals
  • Male volunteers are not permitted to wear shorts, pants only

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  • We work in a way that value the uniqueness of each individual and respects their choices and the decisions that they make – because of this we ask that volunteers do not impose their ideas and beliefs (particularly those about religion, culture and standards of work). In case of conflicts, volunteers may be asked to leave the home.
  •  Given the stigma in Thailand and the discrimination that many of the children in our project have experienced, our work is confidential. We would expect volunteers not to divulge information about people living at or using the services at the project to anyone outside of the organization without prior consent from the staff and children concerned. This includes photographs.
  •  While we have created a positive and hopeful environment, there are times when working with children living with disabilities can be stressful and upsetting – you need to be sure that you will be able to cope with this kind of work, which is not for everybody.
  •  Volunteers need a high degree of self-motivation. We are not able to give volunteers continuous guidance. Camillian Home does not have a volunteer coordinator so you will mostly be on your own among our staff. While some of the staff speak English, this is extremely limited.
  •  Due to limitations of staff time, we are only able to provide translation services in exceptional circumstances. While some of the staff speak English, this is extremely limited.
  •  While the project welcomes visitors, we would ask that an arrangement is made before visiting (or bringing along a friend or colleague to see the project)
  • Our primary focus is the children who use our project. Of course it is natural that volunteers get something from the experience of working at Camillian Home (for many it is the chance to feel that they are making a difference), but we need to make sure that any offers to help contribute positively to the lives of the children. Whenever there is a conflict between the needs of the children and the volunteer, we must ensure that the welfare of the children is the priority.