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People with disabilities in countries such as Thailand are often doubly disadvantaged, both by poverty and social and economic exclusion. Overcoming these obstacles is often challenging for adults and children with disabilities. Physical, cultural and economic barriers are not easy easily broken down, and beliefs and attitudes that marginalize or ignore people’s diverse needs and skills are difficult to change. For our part, Camillian Home takes a leadership role in promoting sustainable development and inclusion through advocacy and practical ‘on the ground’ action.

      • Training of volunteers to take care of people with disabilities living in the community
      • Vocational training of families of people with disabilities
      • Family counseling services
      • Surveying and identifying people with disabilities
      • Coordinating the registration of people with disabilities with the government sector
      • Providing basic living items
      • Home modifications
      • Providing adaptive equipment
      • Training of care givers
      • Training in basic health care and physical therapy
      • Advocacy on a national level
      • HIV/AIDS education
      • Facilitating access to professional medical care