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Getting to Camillian Home from Bangkok

Option 1) Take a taxi from the city to Camillian Home (approx. 250 baht from Thonglor). You may contact us if your taxi driver is lost.

Option 2) Make your way to the Lat Krabang Airport Link by BTS/MRT then take a metered taxi to Camillian Home (approx. 120 baht)

Option 3) From Lat Krabang Airport Link, you can also take Songtaew number 333 (white) or 1238 (red). Just make sure they say “airport link” or “gampra” before you get on the songtaew.  (the Number 333 songtaew sign can be found at the side of the songtaew and the Number “1238” can be found at the upper front of the songtaew). 

Get off at Lad Krabang center (Lat Krabang Hospital or anywhere near that area) then take Songtaew number 222 (white) going to the Camillian Home (on your Left side straight after the second bridge). Before getting on the Songtaew 222 tell the driver to take you to “Bann dek gam pra” (orphanage).

The price for each songtaew is 6 or 7 baht but normally give 10 baht

Return journey

The same songtaews  can be done on the way back. Cross the road outside the Home and take Songtaew 222 (white) to Lad Krabang centre/Lat Krabang Hospital or anywhere near that area,

Then take Songtaew number 333 (white) or 1238 (red) to the airport link station.

Metered taxis can be picked up by crossing the road and flagging one down, but there are not many passing so instead  you can ask the office to order you one and they will come and collect you from the Home.