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Some children are referred through the Social Welfare department or National Health Security Office. Other children are brought in from temples or hospitals and through word of mouth.

92%. Our 8% operating costs include admin, accounting, printing, report keeping, fundraising and marketing.

96% is from donations; individual, corporate, grants with 4% coming from the Thai Government through a grant allocation

No, each project is financially autonomous; the Home has its own bank account. Your donations are utilized only for the Camillian Home project.

We don’t. These items were extra gifts from friends to provide the children with happiness. Mental well –being and stimulation is also vital for their health. All of our income is used for basic necessities such as medical care, education, accommodation and nutrition.

The multi story structure behind Camillian Home is the Pastoral Training Centre for the St.Camillus Foundation of Thailand. This facility was constructed by the Italian Camillian Province to create increased training opportunities in the health care field. This building is maintained through its own resources/staff and does not have any expense associated with the Camillian Home.

Camillian Home in fact is maintained through its own network of supporters. The Pastoral Training Centre were kind enough to donate land and this combined with the gracious financial support of two Italian benefactors in cooperation with the Italian Red Cross allowed Camillian Home to be built.

Although the home is managed by the St.Camillus Foundation of Thailand, the children are brought up in their own beliefs. Morals and values are taught according to the basic fundamentals of all beliefs.

Family values, be faithful to your partner, use the means available to reduce your chance of getting infected or passing the infection to someone else.

The Thai Government does not have the capability to adequately provide quality care and treatment for abandoned disabled children. This combined with a very strong social stigma and discrimination attached to disabilities and HIV/AIDS leaves orphaned children severely neglected. As a result, many do not survive. Ideally, every district in Thailand needs a specialized facility to cope with the national problem.

Since the start of 2011, Camillian Home is now officially recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education as a Non Formal School. This two year/ four semester program is established by the Ministry of Education but is implemented by our own staff of care takers and social workers. The children learn Mathematics, Thai, Science and English along with ethics. Upon successful completion of the program, a level 6 certificate is awarded. Our blind children receive Braille, computer and life skill training from a qualified instructor.

Those who can, will continue their studies and either be placed in an exterior working environment or within the home as teachers, care takers, nursing assistants or maintenance staff. Although our children are improving drastically from when they first arrive, the fact is that many of them will never be independent due to the severity of their disabilities. In these cases, they will remain under our care for as long as they need.

6.00am Wake up

7.00am Breakfast

8.00am Group activities

9.00am-12.00am Class, physiotherapy

12.00am-1.00pm Lunch

1.00pm-3.00pm Class, physiotherapy

3.00-5.00pm Group activities

5.00pm-6.00pm Shower

6.00pm-6.30pm Dinner

6.30pm-8.00pm Free time

8.00pm Bedtime

Yes, it is completely safe to visit. If you are a first time visitor, one of our staff will accompany you at all times. You cannot get infected with HIV from normal physical contact; holding hands, kissing, sharing food etc.

Most of the children were born HIV positive. The disease was passed to them through pregnancy. In some cases children were sexually molested by HIV positive family members and subsequently contracted the virus.­

An effective Anti Retroviral treatment decreases HIV-related illnesses and increases life expectancy. Some people have been living with the virus for over 24 years. If medications are taken correctly, they can help maintain a healthy life for many years.

Our Child sponsorship programme at 5,000 Thb per month is a special way to support the children in our care. You will receive details, updated at least twice a year, of one particular child, but your generosity will help support all the children in their project. Sponsorship is the best way to support us: it cuts down on administration costs, helps us plan ahead more effectively, and ensures that your money goes where it is needed most.

He or she will genuinely benefit from your generosity, but he or she is representative of all the children you will be helping. This is because we want to be fair to all the children we support, and we cannot have a situation where some children are better cared for than others. Your generosity will help fund everything the children need: meals, accommodation, schooling, and medical costs.

Some children have more than one sponsor. This is to cut down on administration costs (preparing and sending out case histories), so that more of your money goes where it is needed most.

Your generosity helps all the children at Camillian Home. Therefore, although your child will genuinely benefit from your gift, the sponsorship scheme ensures that all the projects have enough funds to look after the children in their care and plan ahead.